Do you need a translation? Estudio NSG has a team of highly qualified university professionals at your service.


A corporate or an informal event is approaching? Estudio NSG provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, among others.


Do you need to translate corporate audiovisual material? Estudio NSG has state-of-the-art software and professionals trained in this area of expertise, which is in constant development.


The interpreters of Estudio NSG are highly trained in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Moreover, they are specialized in corporate and social ceremony and protocol, which allows them to have a better approach towards the different communicative situations that may arise. A good interpreting service is key to make your business or professional business grow.

  • Simultaneous interpreting (congresses, events, transmissions, speeches, press conferences, among others)
  • consecutive interpreting (interviews, events, trainings, lectures, among others)
  • interpreting services at government agencies, courts and Civil Registries by a Sworn Translator (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Province of Buenos Aires)
  • whispered interpreting
  • liaison interpreting
  • interpreting services for professionals or entrepreneurs (business trips, business meetings, events, among others)
  • language pair
  • complexity of the topic
  • transfers
  • urgency of the service
  • duration of the interpreting schedule

Coordination of teams of interpreters of different languages: If your event requires the attendance of interpreters of different languages, Estudio NSG may arrange the coordination of the teams of professionals so that they can prepare glossaries and uniform study material for the purposes of providing a service of excellence.

Estudio NSG suggests that you send all the available information about the event in order to prepare a more accurate quote. We understand the changing circumstances when requiring interpreting services. However, every detail that you may provide is vital for us to hire the professionals needed and bring exclusiveness to your assignment.