Do you need a translation? Estudio NSG has a team of highly qualified university professionals at your service.


A corporate or an informal event is approaching? Estudio NSG provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, among others.


Do you need to translate corporate audiovisual material? Estudio NSG has state-of-the-art software and professionals trained in this area of expertise, which is in constant development.


Estudio NSG has a team of translators specialized in the audiovisual area. If an individual or a company needs to translate an institutional video, or a tutorial, we can help you to communicate your message in an effective way. Our team has the adequate software to work with your material and provide a service of excellence.

  • corporate videos
  • tutorials
  • transcription
  • spotting and timing
  • embedding of subtitles into video
  • language pair
  • complexity of the theme
  • duration and quality of the audio or video
  • deadline

In the case of audiovisual material, we suggest that you send the complete material so that we can prepare an accurate quote. Due to size of the files, we recommend their uploading to a FTP or internet server. Moreover, we request you to provide any kind of additional detail which may result pertinent for the subtitling task.