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Estudio NSG is a professional language solutions provider created for the purposes of delivering an integral and high-quality service.  Its founder, Sworn Translator and Interpreter Natalia Silvina Guerra, is responsible for bringing this vision into a reality when addressing each of our assignments.

Estudio NSG is an innovative company whose mission relies on giving knowledgeable solutions to the ever-increasing needs of our customers. In a globalized world, companies and individuals need professionals who do not only help them to overcome their linguistic barriers, but also provide them with integral translation and interpreting services that may contribute to the growth of their ventures or personal projects.

All our quotes include revision and quality assurance stages, thus guaranteeing a service of excellence. Moreover, we foster the information exchange between customers and professionals in order to provide a customized service.



Natalia Silvina Guerra is an English<>Spanish Sworn Translator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Conference Interpreter, University Bachelor in Law and Assistant specialized in Ceremony and Protocol. During her career as an independent professional, she has provided services as a translator and interpreter for companies of different areas such as law firms, immigration services agencies, educational institutions and professional associations, among others. Moreover, she works as an expert legal translator and interpreter for the courts of the city of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires. She has taken several specialized courses and seminars. Among the most important, she completed the specialization in subtitling and the intensive course for simultaneous interpreters called “Spanish into English Refresher”, sponsored by Calliope Interpreters. Since 2010, she is a member of the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires), where she works as the Coordinator of the Culture Committee and member of the Economy and Finance Committe. Furthermore, she has participated as a lecturer at several translator training forums related to court work and finance.

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